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sorry for being late

i just went out to get something, but then i found out, I didn’t know what it was I was searching.
I was going through my pockets and I found so many happy moments, crumpled and wrinkled. All of them were good and yet they didn’t last, they didn’t stick. Everything vanishes. Everything turns gray. I had a black sweater once i really liked.
Maybe this is just the way it has to be, but then, I look around and i see a smile, i see a sparkle in the eyes, laughter, freckles and locks
and a reflection of trillions of colors in a raindrop

I feel as i am scratching on the surface of a frozen lake. trying to catch a glimpse of what is buried underneath… And all i see is gray.
I know that someone’s on the other side,
i know her face, i know her well.
just cannot go just can not tell
her that she’ll never be my bride

all these days and all these nights,
we’re all just holding on to what we have
we all just wish that we could hear her laugh
but, teardrops capture our lights


Posted: November 25th, 2009
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the shadow was standing next to him, his name was fear, and with him were his brothers, pain, anger and desperation.
They were standing next to the bed on which lay what once was a man but now was not more than a carcass, not yet rotting, but with the last spark of live dying down steadily. The illness has carved out the body from the inside, with a blunt tool of furious torture, leaving a tired heart, pumping acid blood through burning veins, wrapped in bruised and wrinkled skin.
And as the moment feared and yearned for was approaching, he asked the shadow to come closer, to embrace him in his final instance, he pulled him closer, as his body started shivering and shaking, as the endmost riot of tormenting excruciating dolor slashed down on him, his bony finger grabbing the cold and bleak blanket of darkness, begging for comfort begging for warmth, for a last touch of someone, a last kiss, a last glimpse of compassion, a last feeling of a tear shed in grief for him falling on his face.

the dry, fragile flesh of his lips opened to let pass what was meant to be a fatal cry. Yet all that could be heard was a croaking moan, shallow and weak.

the body sank into the blankets, letting out the last fluids that were held captive, a cacophony of alarms started and was soon stopped by a medic, noting the time of death on a sheet of paper and calling the nurses for clean up. and soon this bed will be the cradle of someone else, only the shadows remain..


Posted: November 10th, 2009
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I touch my skin, from deep inside of me,
And I can feel realty, waiting like a beast of prey
For I am lonely and astray,
In a desert without water, cause for my soul I cannot barter…
But after fractions of eternity, I ask myself
How can it be?
What kind of beast are we?

All I feel is rage and hate, as I am chasing for my bloody bait,
and yet, all this,
is just some wicked fate, for which by far,
I was too late..

Too late to love, too late to die,
Too late to hope, too late to cry…


Posted: November 3rd, 2009
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