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convolution of the brain II…

He wasn’t dead. Not at all… although this came to him rather surprisingly and quite unexpected, as he had already accepted the fact of him being dead, he wasn’t. It is an astonishing fact that people being transformed into a pachyderm of atypical color and subsequently being smashed against a hard object by walls of a room that is bending itself around the sound waves of a sentence is not fatal at all. Quite contrary, it is rather stimulating, vitalizing and in some way refreshing. Especially the part of the experience in which one realizes the very fact of being alive.

So there he was, all well and all alive and all up to do good things and heal the world and save the poor and feed the fed and starve the parched and so on and so on… only, he didn’t quite know how to start. It was the initial spark of inspiration he was lacking of. There he sat. On his couch made of steel mantled feathers of south-east-arabic penguins (one of the rarest breeds of penguins) and was contemplating, considering, consolidating and consuming theories on what went wrong with society, nature, religion, mankind. Only to find out… nothing. everything is fine. In the end, it’s all just a matter of perspective. Everything is good an well if you just regard it from the correct angle and especially from the correct distance. As for example, looking at the earth from the moon, is a great angle and an even greater distance. well sure, you could go into detail and zoom in a little but this would not be very efficient… we all know, a great philosopher always needs to see and understand the great and whole picture. Therefore it is not only favorable to be viewing the earthly problems from such a distance, no it is a constitutional necessity. So he thought, and so he started to believe and so he came to be sure that the worlds problems did not need any fixing and that all will be well and that he will not be in any kind of obligation, liability, duty or responsibility nor that it is any of his business at all to save the world.

And he was happy to figure this out. He immediately felt better, felt well, felt great and then felt useless, worthless and inconsequential and insignificant… At this point, his brain, fed up with all this logic deviations decided to leave for a long holiday, maybe somewhere close to the ocean, maybe at the beach in ko tao or some place like this. So it took a small hammer and crushed a hole into the back of his head, took it’s bags and left. Then he died.

The end.

So far so good… thanks for reading. just wanted to let you know, comments are highly appreciated… would love to get some feedback (and no, i’m not fishin’ for compliments.. I want some serious feedback…)


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convolution of the brain…

He felt like a little green triangle, whose exterior angles, for one reason or another, just didn’t sum up to 360°, or, to be more precise, he would have felt like a little green triangle whose exterior angles, for one reason or another, just didn’t sum up to 360° if he would have know how such a green triangle would feel. Yet, due to the fact that he didn’t even have the slightest idea about how geometrical shapes feel if the disobey their mathematical laws he just uttered

I feel like shit… (which, by the way is amazingly close to how said triangle would be feeling if it’s exterior angles weren’t summing up to 360°.)

And just at the very moment the sound of the consonant “d” left his mouth and was fully pronounced, the walls of the room started bending around his rather vague expression concerning his emotional state that was still floating through the air as a sound wave, camouflaged as a furry ball of vaporized metal but still detected by the walls dis tonality and empathy senors, and as a logical result, these walls were trying to capture teh statement itself and shape it into a new and more appropriate statement as for example

I feel like a page of Friedrich Nietzsche’s collected works torn out of my book by some despicable creature and used as a handkerchief by this very same uncivilized and ignorant creature…

Unfortunately the walls of the room tried to conduct this very complicated and complex procedure while the speaker himself was still present and therefore by bending around him and twisting and pulling into various dimensions at different levels of time but still quite synchronous, they first transformed him into a pink elephant with a yellow tail and then smashed him against the wall. There he died.

The end

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