the educational elite

demanding and numb

well informed but blind

blinded by us

we are the people
we are the system
it is not our fault
that things go wrong,
ignorance is first civic duty

I am your virus, your infection, I live inside you, kill you, piece by piece,
I live to gouge you, hollow you, suck you, slowly, steady, endlessly,
until a shell is all that‘s left.
You are the victim of my rape, you are my rapist, our dance is of disgusting beauty and violent harmony. Bleeding and crying to the rhythm of a children’s lullaby. Embracing you, my nails peel flesh from your back of which i feast, the sweet taste of what we call love between my teeth, while blood runs from my subtle grin.
I am your system, am you dream, i am your fear, i am your friend, i am the pain you cause yourself while cutting, i am a single tear
cried in an ocean of lust.
I am the reason why you cry, but please don‘t tell, don‘t try to understand, just wrap your empty shell in branded shirts. Whenever i look into your eyes, i do not see your soul, but only a reflection of my bloodshot lustful eyes. I am the whore you love to fuck, i am the thorn that spears you while you come.
I am what you have made me, i am your life, i am your system, i am your dream, i am your bride that buries you, i am your man that kills you and your kid that hates you.
We are to young to die, to old to live, to stubborn to accept, to dumb to understand that live is not the dream we have.


Posted: October 9th, 2009
Categories: aim.
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