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so, what’s new?

well sure, there have been some prices awarded recently. Not that they would have meant something, I mean seriously, awarding the president of the most bellicose nation with a price for peace seems a little shallow and almost as if a certain committee might be influenced by some kind of hype… Yet, strangely enough, none of the other nominations in the other categories seemed really impressing…. actually last time I checked, the price was awarded for outstanding engagement or discoveries… Now a president inaugurated only 8 months ago and without any significant results in any peace process in standing in line with names such as Henry Dunant, founder of the Red Cross, with Henry Kissinger, one of the greatest diplomats of all times, with Albert Schweitzer a great philosopher and founder of the Lambaréné Hospital. One might actually think that this price was awarded for the expectations we set in this president, maybe some see him as kind of a Messiah for the USA, as a savior as somebody we can believe in, put our hopes on…

But we all have read more than enough about this, and I guess the only right thing to do is to have your own opinion and to see which of the expectations will be fulfilled. Maybe this price was a motivator for greatness, for wanting to merit it and therefore living up to its standards… We will see….

So what else went wrong? Yeah, there was this one thing that really touched me, this morning I heard in the news, that some weapons Germany delivered to Afghanistan ended up on the black market… nothing shocking here, but the reason why these weapons were sent. They were sent as development aid… so let’s see if we can figure this out, we shipped old weapons to a war ridden state that is in constant unrest and terror in order to help them develop? well great idea I’m really pro pouring gas into fire… Sometimes I doubt the sanity of some of our politicians… but then again, every country has the government it deserves…

Apart from that, France is deposing it’s nuclear waste on a parking lot in Siberia, and soldiers in Germany get better aka different vaccines for the A(H1N1) flu than the rest of us…

Luckily enough we won’t make it much longer if we go on like this…

good news is, I have discovered a great video via facebook

oh and here’s the pic of the day… that kind of goes with the whole mood…


So far… have a wonderful week everybody

take care have fun be good or not


Posted: October 13th, 2009
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