what’s new II.

So here we are… it’s monday again, and the day’s just been a pain in the derrière…

but what happened since we last met? The world kept spinning, that’s for sure, yet will it keep on doing so?

I’m pretty sure it will, the question is, will we still be sittin on the ride or will we have to leave stage before the grand finale?

I guess nobody knows and we’re certainly not gonna find out right here right now… As for my own personal newsflash / commentary on the fuck up society we are living in:

1. What’s going on with parents using their own children in order to get some fame and maybe just a little fortune? So there’s a bunch of sickos living out there, teaching their kids to tell lies in order to fake a tragedy so that these bastards can be in television for a while…. Well, everything for our fifteen minutes of fame… Now should these parents still be allowed to raise children? should they be even allowed anywhere close to children or is their shier presence already bad enough of an influence? As I see things happening, they’ll be paying some money, a small fine and that’s it… Isn’t that a great example for the kids? Apart from that how fucking selfish does one have to be in order to exploit someone in such a useless manner resulting from nothing more than just being a big ass attention whore?!?!  Well I guess that’s why I’m writing this blog as well, only I don’t claim that it flew away in a weather balloon…

2. Apart from that, A small German inventor came up with a treatment for Neurodermatitis… after investing everything every penny into the invention, and getting clinical prove for his claim from various independent clinics… Guess what, none of the big Pharmaceutical Companies is willing to bring this product to the market… The rights on the invention were estimated with some 950 Million € by PWC and yet… no company is willing to invest… the inventor had to file for bankruptcy and that’s pretty much the end of that story… 10% of the worlds population are estimated to suffer from a skin disease that could be treated with this medication, without any side effects… yet it’s better to keep them sick, in pain and paying than to cure them right? Kinda makes one angry…

3. The good news is, Pakistan is on the path to redemption / salvation (sorry for any incorrect translations) basically that path consists of a man hunt for anybody who looks like a terrorist… And we all know how these guys look like, beard, turban, weird language… I guess they’re going to find quite some of them in Pakistan… Isn’t it great that this country will soon be terror free?!

No but seriously… good news is…

another great tune i found:

and in order to round things up… here’s the pic of today:


thx nico for the great shot…


Posted: October 19th, 2009
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